Skyfall 2020 Speakers - 

Pastor Dean Odle

Pastor Dean Odle is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Fire & Grace Church in Opelika, Alabama. He has been an ordained five-fold minister of Jesus Christ for over 30 years serving as a youth pastor, associate minister, church planter, teacher, evangelist, author, and radio host of Prophecy Quake. Since 1987, Pastor Odle has taught end-time Bible prophecy and exposed the globalist Luciferian agenda. He has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in America, the Middle East, the Island of Mauritius, and Nigeria. Pastor Odle was one of the first American pastors in modern times to boldly teach the truth of God's flat earth and the firmament of His power (Biblical Enclosed Cosmology). 

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Pastor Nancy Odle

Pastor Nancy Odle grew up and lived in Georgia most of her life. Although she was saved at the age of six and raised in a charismatic/word of faith church her teenage years were filled with partying and rebellion. After trying to make it her own way for so many years, she finally returned to God with all of her heart. Since then she was a youth leader, hosted a house church for five years and was the CEO/Executive Director for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry County (pro-life ministry). God brought Dean and Nancy together in 2008 and instructed them to start Fire & Grace Church in January of 2009. Nancy is the Associate Pastor at Fire & Grace Church.

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Matt Long

Matt Long was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. While at The University of Oklahoma he played tennis and earned a degree in Construction Science. Matt has worked in the construction and development industries while also pursuing ventures in electricity, natural gas and solar energy. He is an avid student of the Bible, particularly Genesis and “Literal Biblical Cosmology.” Matt resides in Alberta Canada where he and his wife Jessica started a podcast known as Woketown which can be found on most major podcast platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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Lt. Colonel (R) Bryan Read

Bryan Read honorably served as an officer and commander in the United States Army.  He has over twenty years professional military experience in leadership management, military logistics, training operations, missile defense, communications security, military tactics, foreign affairs and diplomacy. Bryan also served as a Foreign Area Officer and team leader attached to the US Army Special Operations Command in the Central Asian Theater. Additionally, he served as a professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Bryan is an avid QAnon researcher/analyzer.

Pastor Troy Towns

Pastor Troy Towns has served in various leadership roles in different churches over the years. He is anointed to preach and teach the Word of God. He and his wife Dee recently launched Next Level Ministries in Montgomery, Alabama. Pastor Troy believes that Christians should be involved in the political process and is the former Vice Chair for the Alabama Republican Party.


Jordan Winsor

Jordan moved from Auburn, Washington in 2018 to become an important part of the ministry of Fire & Grace Church. He is a graduate of the Fire & Grace School of Ministry and is a diligent researcher and lover of truth. Jordan will be sharing his research on Operation Mockingbird, the New World Order CIA operation to infiltrate and control the media to further their agenda.

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Robert Moore

"Paint Tank"

Robert Moore who is known as "Paint Tank" on YouTube is a dedicated Christian that lives in South Carolina. He has a BA degree in Art and a Masters in Elementary Education. Robert also drove tanks in the Army National Guard. Learning the truth about compromise and Biblical creation set Robert on fire for Jesus. Robert has done extensive research on the book of Enoch and is currently working on an illustrated version of it. 

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Dr. Eugene May

Dr. Eugene May and his wife Sherry are the founders of Eagles Wings, Inc., a teaching and missions oriented ministry with the purpose of ministering to the Church and establishing and encouraging relationships between leaders around the world.